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Your Employee Benefits Partner

It’s not about us, it's about you!

Employers around the world understand the potential of employee benefits. Each year, organizations invest in their employee benefits programs with the goal to attract and retain talent.  But, are you reaping the rewards of your investment?

Rather than being an engagement tool as employee benefits were intended to be at its origin, we have seen how employee benefits had become more of a hassle for a lot of organizations no matter the size and geographic locations.  Escalating investment isn’t being appreciated by the employees, regulation restricts what you can do, and most importantly, the day-to-day management had become an administrative burden.

Benix is an insurance broker who dares to be different.  We are born with a mission to transform employee benefits into an engagement tool as it was intended at its origin.  We are removing the boundaries of what is possible for employee benefits by combining technology, consulting, insurance brokerage and world class customer services.  We provide a new way that delivers values to you and your employees.

We believe your success is our success, because we think of ourselves as a part of your team.  We work hard to prevent issues rather than solving problems.  We believe if we need to solve problems for you, we did not do our job right.  With an addition of benefits experts to your team, you can finally be relieved of the hassle of managing employee benefits and focus on more important matters.

You can send your employees on a journey to explore a world of benefits where they can choose their own insurance products, enrich their lifestyle, improve their health, become more educated about their finance. No matter the employee, you can reward them with the power of choice to tailor their own benefits packages that’s way beyond just insurance to meet their lifestyle needs.

By engaging employees with living a better, happier and healthier lives, employee benefits are then transformed to be an engagement tool to attract and retain talent.  With improved health and smarter healthcare consumption, we solve the root cause of your escalating cost increase.  Not only can we negotiate short term premium reduction, we help to control long term premium costs.

We know we can’t do this alone.  But, with our strategic partners and shareholders, we are here to turn your employee benefits into rewards that will inspire your employees to live their lives to the fullest.

Lifting Weights

The aim here is to have a healty quality of life. The pressures of work and life in general mean we all need to learn how to prevent undue fatigue and stress by understanding how our behavioral choices impact us.


Essential to this is understanding ourselves and having the resilience to cope with the challenges life can bring. This include our ability and willingness to connect and work with colleagues, and to maintain positive relationship with others.


This side of wellbeing is often overlooked, and it can be a sensitive subject for employers to approach. Financial security and stability is a key component of overall wellbeing, with clear links to mental and physical wellbeing, and productivity.


Our work spaces deserve more

consideration. From the furniture to the lighting, computer and its application, they directly impact our wellbeing and levels of productivity.



The best HR Solution Tech firm in Thailand

Humanica is a leading business solutions provider in Thailand, pioneering the HR and ERP industry with our team of technical experts for over a decade.


​We combine our in-house world-class HRIS Software with excellent Payroll Outsourcing Services to help our clients transform their businesses through process automation. ​Humanica is also the longest standing SAP Gold Partner, with our team of experts having over 30 years of experience in ERP Systems Implementation.


The Venture Capital arm of Muang Thai Group

Fuchsia VC is the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) arm of Muang Thai Group. Fuchsia VC is stage and geographically agnostic, but strategically invest in Insurtech, Healthtech,

foodtech and and other sectors related to our core business.


Fuchsai provides not only financial support, but also strategic partnership into our group’s ecosystem. Our vision and passion is to improve the quality and longevity of life through health and wealth.

2 Soi Rong Muang 5, Rong Muang Rd.

Rong Muang, Pathum Wan Bangkok 10330

Tel: 02 092 9222 Ext. 5103  |

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