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Your Employee Wellness Partner

Benix is a very first digitalised insurance broker in Thailand. We foresee that employees are one of the most important assets to define the future of every single organisation and that their wellbeing matters. Benix, therefore, aims to modernise and be apart of your true HR Eco-System by our brokerage service with benefits administration add-on values.

We are committed to be "Your Employees Wellness Partner" for our clients, driving you to stay attentive to the customised benefits management and also supporting your employees to stay connected to their personalised wellness and healthy lifestyles. Importantly, Benix helps you to connect and engage the valuable relationships with your employees through the acts of caring.

Lifting Weights

The aim here is to have a healty quality of life. The pressures of work and life in general mean we all need to learn how to prevent undue fatigue and stress by understanding how our behavioral choices impact us.


Essential to this is understanding ourselves and having the resilience to cope with the challenges life can bring. This include our ability and willingness to connect and work with colleagues, and to maintain positive relationship with others.


This side of wellbeing is often overlooked, and it can be a sensitive subject for employers to approach. Financial security and stability is a key component of overall wellbeing, with clear links to mental and physical wellbeing, and productivity.


Our work spaces deserve more

consideration. From the furniture to the lighting, computer and its application, they directly impact our wellbeing and levels of productivity.



The best HR Solution Tech firm in Thailand

Humanica is a leading business solutions provider in Thailand, pioneering the HR and ERP industry with our team of technical experts for over a decade.


​We combine our in-house world-class HRIS Software with excellent Payroll Outsourcing Services to help our clients transform their businesses through process automation. ​Humanica is also the longest standing SAP Gold Partner, with our team of experts having over 30 years of experience in ERP Systems Implementation.

CXA Group

Leading insur-tech provider in Asia

Asia’s pioneer and leading insuretech provider. The firm is not bound by worn traditions or ‘the way it’s always been done’. Modern business needs new and more

effective ways to manage the health and wellbeing of an ever-diversifying workforce.

CXA has grown to become Asia’s leading Insurtech

start-up-affirmed by more than 500 clients and backed by a group of astute investors who understand the value and transformative potential of CXA’s groundbreaking platform. 


The Venture Capital arm of Muang Thai Group

Fuchsia VC is the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) arm of Muang Thai Group. Fuchsia VC is stage and geographically agnostic, but strategically invest in Insurtech, Healthtech,

foodtech and and other sectors related to our core business.


Fuchsai provides not only financial support, but also strategic partnership into our group’s ecosystem. Our vision and passion is to improve the quality and longevity of life through health and wealth.

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